Your Perfume Guide

With so many things happening around us today and how fast life seems to be going, there are certain things we cannot take for granted. Our appearance is one. Keeping ourselves looking pleasant is not vanity, it is self-respect. How we smell comes next. So, our choice of perfumes is important. It can supplement our style and personality.

You might wonder what exactly you should look for in choosing perfumes. With numerous choices in the market, it is challenging to decide which perfume to buy. Most of the time, we fall into testing as many as we can, which makes us more confused as our sense of smell loses its sharpness if we try more than 3 samples at a time.

Take it easy! If you could not find the right scent after 3 samples, come back after an hour and try some more.

Did you know that fragrances have three notes? This is basically the general anatomy of perfumes.


How perfume smells upon application is what you call the top note. It consists of molecules which evaporate quickly.


This is also called the heart note. After the top note dissolves, the heart note develops after 10 minutes. It stays on for up to an hour.


This is the final stage and lingers on after the middle note lapse.

We now have a clearer idea of how perfume works when it is sprayed. But it does not end there; we still have a way to go. Here are some tips to help you look around:

Pick the right perfume according to your personal preference:

Most people tend to choose only one perfume brand. This is great if you want to be identified with a signature scent. However, when you limit yourself to a single perfume, you limit yourself to exploring other scents that could fit you well. So it is better to change and try something else once in a while. Keeping three bottled brands is ideal. You have choices ready for any occasion.

Know your skin type:

Dry skin cannot hold the fragrance too long. It is best to spray on immediately after shower while skin is still damp, or apply moisturizer before putting on perfume. It will hold the scent longer. Those with oily skin, on the other hand, are lucky because the ingredients of the perfume will stay longer to their body. For those with sensitive skin, it is best to consult your dermatologist before using perfumes.

Choose the right perfume based on location and type of event: 

Venue of an event does not only dictate what you can wear – it can also suggest the kind of perfume you should use. Indoor and small rooms do not require highly concentrated perfumes. The number of attendees and their own scents can cloud the cramp area and cause an unpleasant mix of odor after a while. Opt for lighter scents instead.

Outdoor events or activities offer just as wide an option as the space.

You can wear any kind of scent and in different concentrations because the air and the space outdoors give you the freedom to do so. Just do not forget that too much exposure under the sun can affect your body temperature and as you sweat the fragrance starts to fade.

While in the store:

Buying perfume is exciting for most aficionados. Do not let the excitement mess with the discovery process though. Hastiness in choosing perfumes is not a good practice. As Christian Dior said, “your choice of perfume says a lot about you than your handwriting.” So take your time when buying or even when considering.

Sales associates in stores always have on hand fragrant paper strips to distribute around people along their area.

Do not hesitate to try it out. It can give you an idea what to buy but make sure you test the product directly on your skin prior to your purchase.

If a certain smell appeals to you, ask for the sample on the bottle, not on a plastic container where sales attendants usually transfer an amount and use it as a tester. The container of any liquid fragrant products can affect its scent and concentration. Spray directly on your wrist and wait 10 minutes before smelling it. This allows the fragrance to really surface and you will have a better scent of it to help you decide.

Application & storage: The next best part after your purchase is the application of the product. We all can get too excited to try it on once we’re home. However, in order to get the best of your perfume there are a few things you need to remember prior and during application.

Clean skin: It’s ideal that after shower or bath you apply moisturizer or lotion on areas where you would later apply on the perfume. Moist skin holds the scent longer.

Application: To get the best out of your perfume and for maximum result it is better to apply directly on your pulse points. It is where your blood flows strongest so it’s warmer than all the other parts. Dab lightly and allow it to dry on your skin. Try not to go on a spritz-frenzy as well. The right amount will do just fine.

Applying on clothes: Some fabrics have sensitivity to certain chemical components used on some perfumes. Be cautious when applying perfume on your clothes and keep a distance of 5-6 inches from the fabric so each spray can cover a bigger area.

Storage: Keep your perfume in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. Doing so will help make it last longer. Be mindful of the bottle caps, too. It limits the contamination of your perfume and slows down evaporation.

If you find these helpful we are very happy to have served you. Now you’re all set for a perfume hunt. Happy shopping!