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Praise to one of the most beautiful and famous Italian islands: the fantastic Capri, a luxury destination for international VIP tourism. Bright as the shimmer of the sun's rays on the crest of the sea water. A small yellow lamp, symbol of the lemon, the citrus fruit that is the protagonist of the fragrance.

Imagine the sun setting over the picturesque island of Capri, casting a warm golden glow on everything it touches. “Sunset in Capri” captures that breathtaking moment in a bottle, beautifully adorned in an eye-catching yellow hue. This fragrance, part of the Woody Hesperidic olfactory family, is an invitation to embark on a sensorial journey through the magic of an Italian evening.

With your first spritz of "Sunset in Capri", you will be transported to the enchanting island. Top notes of bergamot, ginger and grapefruit create a citrusy, zesty opening, much like the initial burst of sunshine as the day turns to dusk.

At the heart, this fragrance reveals a captivating blend of amber, aqueous and magnolia notes. These scents intertwine harmoniously, evoking the sensation of a gentle sea breeze and the scent of flowers blooming in the evening air.

As the night deepens, “Sunset in Capri” leaves a lasting impression with base notes of musk, musk and peach. These ingredients add depth and warmth to the fragrance, just like the sensation of wrapping yourself in a cozy shawl as the stars emerge.

Olfactory family: woody hesperidic

Top notes: bergamot, ginger, grapefruit

Heart notes: amber, aqua, magnolia

Base notes: musk, musk, peach

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